Our services cover the following areas:

  • Applications for Patents/Utility Models/Designs/Trademarks to the Japan Patent Office (JPO)
  • Appeal proceedings before JPO’s Board of Appeal against decisions to reject applications for Patents/Designs/Trademarks
  • Invalidation trials of Patents/Utility Models/Designs/Trademarks before JPO’s Board of Appeal
  • Lawsuits against the JPO’s Appeals Department’s decisions before the Intellectual Property High Court or the Supreme Court
  • Providing expert opinions on invalidation of patents and trademark rights
  • Providing expert opinions on infringement of patents and trademark rights
  • Customs Seizure Procedure
  • Customs Seizure Enforcement

Fields of Expertise

Medicine, Food Products, Cosmetics, Functional Materials (Polymer), Medical Technology, Biotechnology (Genetic Engineering, Microbial Engineering, Livestock Products, Agriculture), Containers, General Machinery, Food Manufacturing Instruments, Medical Equipment, Diagnostic Devices, Software.
Trademarks: Our firm ranked first in the number of trademark applications (1,750 filings) in Japan in 2013 and have high success rate (about 97%) of registration. <Please see the proceedings and our schedule of charges for trademark filings.>

Inquiries regarding our services and our fees may be made to