To those who are considering trademark registration in Japan

To those who are considering trademark registration in Japan

  • If you're planning on introducing a new product or service to the Japanese market, we can help you register that product or service name in Japan.
  • We can also help you investigate trademark rights for product names you wish to offer on the Japanese market.
  • If you're unsure about Japan's trademark system, and would like to ask the experts, we're here to help.
At Minato Mirai Patent Firm we offer trademark registration services in line with our customers' needs.

About Minato Mirai Patent Firm

A Clear and Reasonable Fee Structure
At Minato Mirai Patent Firm all of our service fees are clearly defined.

Application fee: for the first class JPY60,000 (USD 520)
  for each additional class JPY45,000(USD 390)
Registration fee: JPY27,000 (USD 240)
Amendment or Argument: JPY30,000 (USD 260) for Amendment ,
JPY50,000 (USD 430) for Argument

Agency Processing the Largest Number of Applications, Six Years in a Row.

At Minato Mirai Patent Firm we are proud to be the largest processor of patent applications in Japan, with over 1000 cases processed between 2013 and 2018.
On top of this experience, we also review the most recent developments and trends in the Japan Patent Office, in order to provide you with advice on how to get strong trademark rights, including suggestions about expressions of designated goods, in the timeliest and most appropriate manner.

The Highest Quality Search

Before submitting an application for consideration, we prepare a simple and easy-to-understand report on the likelihood of trademark registration. Our reports are written in English, and include our honest opinions and information on previously registered trademarks.

About Japanese Trademark Registration:

There are two options for registering trademarks in Japan: register the trademark in your home country, then have it registered internationally through the Madrid Protocol; or register your trademark directly in Japan, using a representative such as Minato Mirai Patent Firm to submit your application directly to the Japan Patent Office.

The former is applicable for other countries as well, not just Japan, so it is ideal for those wishing to apply for trademark in a number of countries using the single procedure. However, with this method it is difficult to perform pre-application checks focusing specifically on the Japan Patent Office, and there is therefore a higher risk of rejection, which leads to more time and money required for application.

You can minimize these risks by using a representative such as Minato Mirai Patent Firm to register your trademark directly with the Japan Patent Office.

*There is sometimes a large interval between the time of application and the time of registration, often 5 to 6 months.
*By following successful Japan Patent Office applications for the designated goods, we do our best to minimize the number of unnecessary rejection notices.
*By following results of recent applications and general trends at the Japan Patent Office, we do our best to minimize the number of unnecessary rejection notices.

Table of Fees:


Application fee

Registration fee
for ten years

Total fee
Number of Class service fee official fee service fee official fee  
1 JPY 60,000 JPY 12,000 JPY 27,000 JPY 28,200 JPY 127,200
USD 520 USD 100 USD 240 USD 250 USD 1,110

JPY 105,000 JPY 20,600 JPY 27,000 JPY 56,400 JPY 209,000
USD 910 USD 180 USD 240 USD 500 USD 1,830

JPY 150,000 JPY 29,200 JPY 27,000 JPY 84,600 JPY 290,800
USD 1,300 USD 260 USD 240 USD 750 USD 2,550

Calculating rate: 1USD = 115JPY

Search Fee:

Search : JPY 10,000 (USD 90) per class

Other Expenses:

Amendment or Argument:JPY30,000 (USD 260) for Amendment , JPY50,000 (USD 430) for Argument
(This fee is not charged if no rejection notices are sent.)
Bank transfer fee: Any bank fees for transferring money are to be paid by the client.

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