2. ABOUT US | Minato Mirai Patent Firm


    Hello, my name is Tomoko Tsujita, Patent attorney and Director General at Minato Mirai Patent Firm.

    Since our establishment in 2010, our firm has engaged in work to fulfill our mission of supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises, including startups, in patent applications and trademark registration.

    Through these activities, we have found on many occasions that it was crucial to strengthen relations with our clients’ partners, such as R&D partner universities and large enterprises. Based on this experience, we have recently begun to place focus on helping formulate and implement intellectual property strategies for projects involving universities and large enterprises.

    We now have over 5,000 clients and over 90% of these are startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises.


    Why have so many clients chosen Minato Mirai Patent Firm? The answer is simple:
    We offer essential services at suitable rates to support companies’ futures.

    Just as each company is different in size and has its own history, all companies engage in different intellectual property activities depending on industry, scale, and competition. We want to help clients work confidently in intellectual property activities for their companies’ futures as part of their management and business strategies. For this reason, we have declared the following three commitments:


    Closely communicating with clients

    – We will communicate closely with clients and put our full effort into understanding their true needs.
    – We will work together with clients and solve their problems—minor or major—one by one.

    Proposing the best services for clients

    – We will support clients in formulating and implementing an intellectual property strategy that combines patents, designs, trademarks, and know-how management based on each client’s business strategy.
    – We will propose the best intellectual strategy to suit the client’s industry, scale, and budget.

    Staying abreast with the latest laws and technology

    – We will swiftly explore trends and acquire technical information for our client’s business.
    – We will speedily share trends and precedents in examinations and apply them in practice.
    – We will strive to improve quality with all office staff working to teach and develop one another.

    In our work, we always feel that startups, long-established small- and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises in the manufacturing, IT, and service industries have a strong desire to fulfill their visions for growth by utilizing the intellectual properties that they have created.
    We are certain that such companies will lead the way in the age of globalization.

    At Minato Mirai Patent Firm, we work toward the following two-pronged vision:

    ●Supporting companies that will lead the age of globalization in formulating and implementing intellectual property strategies and thereby enriching Japan and the world
    ●Helping to create a place where all people involved in intellectual property activities can work happily

    “Intellectual property strategies” may sound complicated, but in a nutshell it involves work to protect inventions, discoveries, know-how, designs, and brands created in corporate activities for a necessary period of time and within the necessary scope, thereby using them as a foundation for business growth.

    It is our greatest pleasure to support clients in growing their businesses by providing the full extent of our knowledge, experience, and creativity in these essential activities.

    If you have any issues or requests, please feel free to contact us.