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  • Anti-counterfeiting Services


    ・In collaboration with customs, police, and e-commerce platforms, we assist in blocking all counterfeit products.
    ・We are the only intellectual property firm designated as a partner of React (the anti-counterfeiting network) in Japan.


    Customs Counterfeit BlockingCustoms Counterfeit Blocking:

    We support initiatives to prevent counterfeit versions of your brand from entering Japan by filing Customs Recordal with Japan Customs. In addition, we provide support in cases where potentially infringing items are discovered by Customs after the recordal has been registered.

    Customs Identification TrainingCustoms Identification Training:

    Based on the content of registered Customs Recordal, we conduct lectures for Japan customs officials on effective and efficient methods for detecting counterfeits.

    Counterfeit Sales Investigation in Online/Offline StoresCounterfeit Sales Investigation in Online/Offline Stores:

    Based on the information provided by you, we investigate whether products suspected of being counterfeits are being sold in online or physical stores.

    Test PurchasesTest Purchases:

    We make test purchases from e-commerce sites and physical stores to verify the authenticity of products.

    Warning to Online/Offline Stores Selling CounterfeitsWarning to Online/Offline Stores Selling Counterfeits:

    We issue warnings to online or physical stores found to be selling counterfeit products, urging them to cease sales.

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    If you have any concerns regarding intellectual property rights or counterfeits, please feel free to contact us through the “CONTACT US” section below.


    Fee Schedule

    For specific quotations, please feel free to contact us through the “CONTACT US” section below.

    Customs Recordal Our service fee
    Filing application USD 950.00 and up
    Normal procedure USD 430.00
    Simplified procedure USD 70.00
    Filing written opinion against importer USD 300.00 and up
    Renewal of application without addition of Identification Points USD 335.00
    Renewal of application with addition of Identification Points USD 555.00 and up
    Online Enforcement  
    Internet monitoring USD 50.00 and up
    Test purchase USD 70.00 and up
    Request for removal of webpages to the Internet service provider USD 500.00 and up
    Sending cease and desist letter directly to the retailer USD 500.00 and up
    Training for Customs (Online) USD 380
    Offline Enforcement  
    On-site investigation (half a day) USD 565.00
    On-site investigation (one day) USD 1,025.00
    Consulting with the Police and making accusation USD 1,000.00
    Filing expert opinion on infringement USD 300.00 and up
    Training for Customs (Offline) USD 1,000.00

    * Actual expenses (e.g., price of purchased products, transportation costs) are not included.



    What are the benefits of filing a Customs Recordal to the Japan customs?

    By filing a Customs Recordal to the Japan customs and having it registered, if counterfeit versions of your brand are being imported into Japan, the customs will seize them before they can be distributed within the country.

    What rights can be covered by a Customs Recordal?

    The Application for Customs Recordal covers patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyright & neighboring rights, plant breeder’s rights, and unfair competition relating to famous indications of products.

    What do I need to file if I want to apply for a Customs Recordal with the Japan customs?

    First, please share with us the status of infringements on your intellectual property rights along with a quotation request. When filing a Customs Recordal to the customs, you will need documentation verifying the infringement, documentation that helps distinguish genuine products from infringing ones for customs inspection, information about the intellectual property rights being infringed upon, and a power of attorney.

    How long does it take to get registered after filing a Customs Recordal?

    It takes about 6 months on average. The creation of a Customs Recordal often requires several rounds of document checks and interactions with the Japan customs, so the duration can vary significantly based on the volume of work.

    What do “Simplified procedure” and “Normal procedure” mentioned in the fee schedule mean?

    These are procedures for the Japan customs to seize counterfeit products when potentially infringing items are being imported into Japan after a Customs Recordal has been registered. The “Simplified procedure” is a procedure that arises when the customs can determine that a product is counterfeit based on the contents of the Customs Recordal. The “Normal procedure” requires, in addition to the contents of the Customs Recordal, an appraisal of the brand to determine whether it is counterfeit.