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    About the Japanese Design Right System

    Period of protection

    Design rights are protected for 25 years from the filing date.

    Scope of protection

    Apart from ordinary goods, design rights can also protect images as well as the exteriors and interiors of buildings.


    Designs are examined for novelty and creative difficulty. If the examiner issues reasons for refusal, you can submit a written opinion in response.

    Period of examination

    It takes 6.2 months on average between filing the application and receiving the first examination result.
    It takes 7.0 months on average between filing the application and acquiring rights.
    However, you can opt for the accelerated examination system if you have filed another application for the same design outside Japan.
    In this case, you will be notified of the first examination result within three months after submitting your application.

    One design per application

    You can only include one design in each application.
    If you wish to seek protection for several related designs, the Partial Design and Related Design Systems are effective for this purpose.

    Related Design System

    This allows several similar designs to be registered under the category of related designs. You can file applications for related designs up to 10 years after the application for the principle design. In addition, you can file applications for a design that is similar to the related design of the principle design, even if it is not similar to the principle design itself.

    Design Registration Services from Minato Mirai Patent Firm

    Our professional team of patent attorneys and technical staff will analyze your designs and propose the best way to maximize your rights, such as through exercising partial and related design rights.



    DESIGNS in Japan Official fee
    Attorney’s fee
    Search for designs   616.00
    Filing a design application    
        Filing an application 124.00 770.00
        Claiming each priority   93.00
    Studying an Office Action, preparing and filing a response    
        Filing an Argument   770.00 ~ 1,154.00
        Filing an Amendment   385.00 ~ 770.00
    Paying the annuity for the first year as the registration fee and forwarding a certificate of registration 66.00 77.00
    Paying the annuity for the 2nd and 3rd year (each year) 66.00 93.00
    Paying the annuity for the 4th and subsequent year (each year) 130.00 93.00

    Calculating rate: 1 USD = 130 JPY