3. OUR MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHY | Minato Mirai Patent Firm


    We are responsible for the clients that use our services.

    • We must have an accurate understanding of clients’ needs and, as an independent entity, make the best proposals for them.
    • We must bring together our knowledge and experience to offer high-quality services quickly that accommodate clients’ needs.
    • We must spare no effort to heighten the productivity of the services we offer in order to maintain fair pricing.
    • We must always act for our clients in line with the spirit of the law and based on goodwill.

    We are responsible for our entire workforce.

    • We must respect one another so that all of our staff can work happily in a wider range of areas.
    • We must treat all staff fairly and properly so that each staff member will be able to deliver results.
    • We must consider our staff’s circumstances so that all staff members can fulfill their responsibilities to their families.
    • We must create an environment that allows our staff to freely make proposals and express complaints.
    • We must provide our staff with equal opportunities for skill development and promotion.
    • We must foster and appoint the next generation of managers.
    • We must always act morally towards our staff.

    We are responsible for our local community.

    • We must fulfill our responsibility to pay taxes and contribute to the development of the country and local community.
    • As experts on intellectual property, we must contribute to educational efforts in the local community.